Regulations of The Library
Regulations of The Library


Article 1: General provisions

  1. Service hours:
    Daily: 06:30-21:30;
    Public holidays in accordance with regulations;
  2. Students must present the cards when entering the library;
  3. Do not lend the card to others and must use the card when entering the library;
  4. Keep order, silence and sanitation in the library. Do not smoke, bring foods, drinks and chewing gum to the library;
  5. Do not carry weapons, explosives or chemicals that may explode in the library. Seriously implement the regulations on fire prevention and fighting;
  6. Do not cut pictures, materials, do not tear and mark on books and newspapers;
  7. Do not bring bags to the bookstore but must deposit in the correct place (money, vehicle card and valuable belongings must be self-preserved by students and the library is not responsible for losses).
  8. Do not bring out from the library: Documents, books, newspapers if have not implemented enough loan procedures; Items and equipment of the library without permission of the library;
  9. Do not arbitrarily adjust, remove, and change the location of all items and equipment at the library;
  10. Do not write, draw, and sign on the table, wall or any other library items;
  11. The library refuses students who show signs of alcohol, beer or other stimulants to enter the library.
  12. Students self-preservation of property. The library is not responsible for losses.

Article 2: Circulation of documents

  1. Students who borrow/return books must implement procedures at the desk;
  2. For books borrowed to read in the library: Borrow maximally two books and do not bring books out of the library. Return books at the respective borrowing desk. Newspapers, magazines, practice reports, blueprints, theses, VCDs, DVDs can only be read at the library;
  3. Books borrowed to bring home: Borrow maximally two reference books (stores 1, 2 and 3) and five textbooks (store 4). Borrow books at the borrowing desk and return books at the returning desk. Books are free to borrow home, but must pay a deposit by the value of the book. The maximum borrowing period is 15 days for reference books and 3 months for textbooks. After the above period, if readers have not returned the book, the library will ask the University to handle in accordance with Article 52 of the Decree No. 31/2001/ND-CP dated 26/6/2001 “Violation of document protection regulations in libraries”.

Article 3: Access to information

  1. It is strictly forbidden to illegally access, store or transmit information which is abusive or harmful to the national interests, affecting the economy, politics, culture, society, and national security and defense;
  2. It is strictly forbidden to destroy the computers, network and information contents of the library;
  3. Documents in the library are for study and research only, and readers shall comply with the Intellectual Property Law (do not reproduce).

The above regulations are intended to ensure all convenient conditions for students to come to study in the library while preserving the University’s property. Any violation of the regulations will be handled in accordance with each level of violation.

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