Information Services
Information Services

– Internet wifi: Readers can use laptops and wirelessly connected devices to browse materials, find information or access the Internet for free in library reading rooms.
– Online questions /answers: Readers can contact the library through information channels
+ Email:
+ Telephone: 0283.8940 390 – 131 (Mr. Minh Tri)
+ Facebook:
+ Feedback:
– Multimedia services: Staff of the Multimedia services department will guide you in searching for information, exploiting the Digital Library, accessing the database and other information sources
– Reference service: It helps readers find information for study and scientific research
– Material circulation: Readers can borrow materials to home for up to 14 days; read the document on-site in air-conditioned rooms, or continue to renew the borrowing time of document if needed
– Learning in groups and talkshows: It is for students and faculty lecturers to work in group discussions for the purpose of study and research.
– Inter-library borrows: It serves students, faculty lecturers and researchers of the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City with the materials available at universities and information centers nationally and internationally

Online services