How to use
How to use

1. Opening hour: View details Regulations of The Library.
Student ID card is also a library card, when you go to the student library remember to bring your card to easily use the services available in the library. When using any of the library services, students must present the card to the service staff.

2. Search documents:
2.1 With printed documents, CDROM
a/ You can search books, magazines, CD-ROM, theses at:
– The 1st Book Warehouse: Technology Sciences
– The 2nd Book Warehouse: Information Technology, Law, Foreign Languages, Politics – Society, Natural Sciences, Economics
– The 3rd Book Warehouse: Foreign documentary
– The 4th Book Warehouse: Textbooks, Theses and dissertations, Academic Journals.
b/ Search data directly on the computer at:
c/ Ask the library staff directly for guidance.
2.2 Electronic materials: 
– Stored in the library and accessed online: 20,000 materials, including textbooks, research papers, scientific journals, scientific research topics, theses and dissertations.
– Search data directly on the computer at:

3. Borrow documents:
– Borrow books on-site: Students check in / check out at the service counter in each bookstore, borrow 2 books and return books within a day.
– Borrow books to home: Students are allowed to borrow books for free, but they must pay the deposit of books. The amount of borrowed books is from 1 to 4 books / time and the maximum period accounts for 15 days. Students borrow books at the service counter in each book store and return books at the circulation counter (Ground floor – Building A).

 4.The library databases of online electronic materials:
The library has many online databases in English and 03 online databases in Vietnamese provided by reputable domestic and foreign publishers in all fields of science – engineering, technology and economics:
• IEEE Xplore digital library: click here.
• Springer link database:click here.
• SAGE journals database:click here.
• Emerald Insight database: click here.
• iG Library eBooks Platform: click here
• eBooks on ScienceDirect: click here
• Proquest Central database:click here.

5. Newspapers and magazines room: (Building A)
Newspapers and magazines are arranged by topic and title, students are free to select newspapers and magazines on the shelves. When students finished reading, students must return documents in the right place neatly. Besides, the library has nearly 40,000 extracts of specialized research journals and archives at the library. To view the article, readers follow the instructions below:
Select ‘Document Search’ => “Extracts” => “Enter Content” => “Record details of extracts” => Contact bookstore in the 4th floor => Request full-text of document with library staff.

6. Multimedia room: (Ground floor, Building A)
Students are allowed to use electronic resources stored in the library, full-text databases that was purchased for free, free online resources, CD-ROM collections. Library staff also helps you find reputable resources on the Internet for study and research. When students enter the multimedia room, they register to use with service staff. Service time is 2 hours / time. Services in the multimedia room are free (except for printing costs).

7.Group study room: The library has 14 group study rooms on the 3rd and 4th floors. Registered readers should contact the library staff. Minimum number of 4 people/1 group. Room registration time: 02 hours/1 turn.

Digital Library:


Update: 9/2021.

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