Traditional Rooms

– Traditional Room: The traditional room of Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City under Library Center is located in a formal location of the H Hall.

– The traditional room is a place to store and display the images, materials and objects about the process of formation and development of the University; a place to praise the collective spirit and the strength of the University;

– The traditional room is the place to show the development of the University from time to time; Training activities of the University through its 61 years of construction and development; Scientific research and international cooperation activities; Activities of Unions and students; The titles, medals, and certificates of merit awarded by the Party and the State;

– The traditional room is where generations of officials, lecturers, students as well as visitors can learn the glorious traditional values of the University since its inception. Thereby, they will have more motivation and responsibility to further develop the University’s tradition.

– The traditional room is the place where educates young generations to be grateful for the preceding generations for having contributed to build the University as spacious and beautiful as today.

– This place is often opened for visitors; fosters traditional cultural values for officials, lecturers and students; fosters knowledge and soft skills for students studying at the University; and is also the place where important activities of the University take place, such as books exhibition, activities of mass organizations, Party activities, etc.

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