Circulation Services

– Circulation Services: Bookstore are classified and arranged in accordance to the DEWEY classification system of the US which is very scientific, easy-to-search topic, subjects of the book, or search on the machine in accordance with the searched information of books as title, author’s name, type or year of publication, etc. All search engines have an easy-to-get manual.

  • Borrow books on-site: A maximum borrowing is 2 books and books can not be taken out of the library. Check books at the counter and return books at the same counter. Newspapers, magazines, theses, dissertations and CDs are read only in the Library.
  • Borrow books to home: Each time, a maximum borrowing is 4 reference books (bookstore 1, 2 and 3) and 4 books (bookstore 4) relatively. When students borrow books to home, they pay a deposit based on the value of the books and such amount is refunded upon the return of the books. The maximum borrowing time is within 15 days for bookstore 1, 2 and 3 and 90 days for bookstore 4. If readers borrow books overdue, the Library will apply Article 52 of Decree No.31/2001/ND -CP dated June 26, 2001 on Violations of the regulations on library protection in this case.

– Steps to borrow / return documents

  • Document Search: click here
  • Put the bag at the right place (do not leave money, vehicle card, valuable items in the bag);
  • Present the Student ID card when you go to the library (do not borrow other student ID cards to borrow books);
  • Select books in bookstore in accordance with the category (classification number) recorded on each shelf;
  • Bring documents to the service desk for borrowing procedure;
  • Return the document at the service counter when finishing reading.
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