About The Library
About The Library

About The Library

Vision: Development strategy of Library Center under Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City is becoming a modern electronic Information and Data Center, on par with major national and regional university libraries.
Mission: Our missions are to serve the scientific information needs to all staffs,  lectures and students, support the University in enhancing the quality of learning, teaching and research, and contribute to the development of IUH.

1. Introduce
– The IUH Library is located at building A, B, and H  (main campus). We offer staffed service hours from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
– Library area is 3643m² with 1200 study seats;14 group study rooms; 3 research rooms for officials, lecturers, and experts in scientific research; 80 computers; 1 multimedia room.
– The library has 193,612 printed books, 8 online databases with millions of full-text documents, a digital library with nearly 20,000 endogenous electronic materials (books, theses, reports, articles, research journals), websites, and social networks.
In which:
+ Books printed at the main campus establishment: 122,876 ; Quang Ngai campus: 34,134 ; Thanh Hoa campus: 36,602.
+ Collection of English and Vietnamese numbers: 120 sets.
+ Academic Journals: 55 titles; Journal articles: 25,000 documents.
+ About 30 open learning resources. Vietnamese learning resources:10 sources; English: 20 sources.

2. Traditional room
– The traditional room is the place to show the development of the University from time to time; Training activities of the University through its 65 years of construction and development; Scientific research and international cooperation activities; Activities of Unions and students; The titles, medals, and certificates of merit awarded by the Party and the State;
– This place is often opened for visitors; fosters traditional cultural values for officials, lecturers and students; fosters knowledge and soft skills for students studying at the University; and is also the place where important activities of the University take place, such as books exhibition, activities of mass organizations

3. Multimedia room
– The multimedia room is fully equipped with a system of 80 Internet- connected computers;With the support of high speed Wi-Fi, provide students and staffs with the easy access to the Internet for their teaching, learning, use of the Library’s online databases, and other academic purposes. Multimedia department staff also guide and support the readers to identify the right source of information in accordance with information search requirements

4.Digital library
– IUH Digital Library with 20.000 materials:including newspapers, magazines, specialized journals, scientific research topics, Master’s thesis, graduation projects to meet the needs of students, lecturers, online learning, suitable to the current situation.

5. Online databases
– The library has 8 databases in English and 02 online databases in Vietnamese provided by reputable domestic and foreign publishers in all fields of science – engineering, technology and economics such as:

  + English database: IEEE Xplore Digital, Springer eBooks, Springer Magazine articles, SAGE e-Journals; ScienceDirect Ebooks, Emerald Insight, IG Library, Proquest Central.
  + Vietnamese database: VISTA (National Agency for Science and Technology Information), STINET (Science & Technology Information Network)

– Make cooperation relationships with domestic and foreign libraries and information centers such as: Department of Information Science and National Technology , Center for Information and Statistics of Science and Technology City , Central Library VNUHCM Center , Learning resource Center at Can Tho University , the Association of University Libraries southern region …to exchange materials,professional experience. The library also collects famous domestic and foreign open educational resources by topic to help students and lecturers expand their research resources.

6. Information Services: Providing Information upon request
The Library offers a service to support users who need to find  information for teaching, research or thematic report. The  library not only serves reader directly through the information counter but also through online forms such as : email, social network, giving readers access anytime, anywhere with the highest efficiency.

7. Book Warehouse area:

– The IUH library has a total of 206,210 books. You can borrow books on-site or borrow books to home. The maximum borrowing time is within 15 days.
– The library (main campus) has 4 bookstores:
+ The 1st Book Warehouse: Technology Sciences (Electrical Engineering Technology, Electronics Technology, Mechanical Technology, Heat-Refrigeration…)
+ The 2nd Book Warehouse: Information Technology, Law, Foreign Languages, Politics – Society, Natural Sciences, Economics, History – Geography
+ The 3rd Book Warehouse: Foreign documentary
+ The 4th Book Warehouse: Textbooks, Theses and dissertations, Academic Journals.

8.Technical drawing room:
– The technical drawing room serves students in technical drawing, project drawing and Faculty of Garment Technology and Fashion Design
Group study rooms: The group study rooms  on the 3rd and 4th floor are convenient for teachers and students discussions and working activities.Fourteen private well-equipped rooms arrangement can be booked for studying and researching purposes.
In addition, students can study in groups at the self-study areas located on the Library floor in the most comfortable way.

Update: 3/2022.

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